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Inline Metadata

Display Name: used in navigation and breadcrumbs.  Should be title format, uppercase first letters and spaces. The Display Name value will be used to create the asset name or system name that will appear in the asset tree to the left.  This format will be all lowercase, spaces replaces with dashes and removal of all special characters.

Title: used as the large text at the top of the page and also in the page title (Title :: Website Name - The University of New Mexico). The page title appears in Google search results, bookmarks and in the title bar or tab of the browser.

Keywords: a comma separated list of keywords about this page.  The works used should appear in your content.

Description: a one or two sentence description of the content of the page.  Each page should have a unique description.

Layout: the available page layouts available in the V2 template.

Show in Navigation?:  a simple yes or no to determine if this page should appear in menus.

Page CSS ID: apply a custom CSS ID to the page so that you can target your CSS. See Page Level CSS for more information.

Should this folder use Contextual Navigation?:  This option only appears on folders, it is used to define what type of navigation menu will appear in the sidebar.  If the box is checked the pages in this folder will have a menu that only shows the content of the folder.  We refer to this as contextual navigation.