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Reorganizing the Menu

The items in your navigation menu are displayed in the order which they are created.

If you want them to appear in a different order you will want to 

Menu items are sorted on a folder by folder basis.  To change the order of a set of menu items you will want to

  1. Select the parent folder in the asset tree on the left that contains the menu section to wish to reorganize. For example to change your top level menu items you would select the "Base Folder".
  2. In the right window pane find the column labeled "Order"click the column so that the content are listed in order by that column (1,2,3, ...).
    Select Menu order column
  3. Note that there may be items listed that do not appear in your menu.  Where they appear in the list will have no impact on the overall order of menu items.
  4. Find the asset you wish to reorder and hover your mouse over the row for that item, but inside the order column.  The mouse pointer should turn into an up and down arrow.
    Mouse turns into up and down arrow
  5. Click and hold the mouse button and drag the item up or down to the location where you would like it to appear.
    Drag item to new location
  6. Your menu items are now reorganized.  You should republish the entire website to ensure all menus reflect this change.