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Renaming Assets

To rename an asset in Cascade:

  1. Click on the item you want to move or rename in the Site Content panel on the left. (This can be a page, folder, file, etc.).
  2. Click the “More” menu on the right of the window and then highlight and select the “Rename” tab
    screenshot of cascade displaying the more menu
  3. Create the "New Page Name" to the new name.
    screenshot of cascade displaying the interface for renaming pages
  4. (System Name should always be lowercase, no spaces, and no special characters. You can use dashes instead of spaces for better SEO.)
  5. Click “Rename” to finish
  6. If the asset was renamed successfully you should see the appropriate alert at the bottom of your screen.  
    screenshot of cascade displaying the asset renamed successfully alert
If you attempt to move or rename and asset and get a “The folder hierarchy does not allow this asset to be published” error then you can uncheck the checkbox for that asset to move or rename it.