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Adding a Content Block to a Page

Content Blocks can be added to your site in a few different ways.  The most common ways will be adding them to individual pages or adding them to a Configuration Set to allow them to be used throughout your website.

  1. In the Asset Tree click on the page you want to add the Content Block to.
  2. Click the "Edit" tab in the toolbar inside the right window pane.
    Click the edit tab
  3. Click the "Outputs" Sub-tab to view the regions of the page.
    Outputs Tab
  4. Find the region you wish to add the Content Block to. View the template regions and where they appear in the different layouts.
  5. Click the "Search" text in the region you wish to add the Content Block.
  6. A list of the most recent Assets will appear.  If your Content Block is in the list just click it to select.  If your Content Block is not in the list click Browser and select it using the Asset chooser that appears.
  7. In most cases you will ignore the Format option in the region.  These are only used for Content Blocks that are XML data rather than HTML content.
  8. Click Submit to finish
  9. Cascade will run check for spelling errors, accessibility issues, and broken links on the page and present them if found.
  10. If you see the message "Edit successful" you should see the preview window with your changes.
    Edit Successful

Adding to a Configuration Set