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This content of this site is still in development.

Content Blocks

For the most part the V2 template  has the same content blocks found in the first WCMS template.

Site Information
location: /_internal

The "Site Information" block is simplified in the V2 template. The block only asks for the website name and the website URL.  These 2 values are used to accomplish the following in the default setup:

  • put the website name and a link to the home page at the top of each page
  • the website name is a component used in the full title of each page.  (page name - website name - The University of New Mexico). 

Google Analytics
location: /_internal

The Google Analytics block is used to configure you custom Google analytics tracking code.  The V2 template makes use of Google tag manager to load Google analytics.  We are able to take the value you enter in this content block and load your own Google analytics code for each page.  Currently the content block only needs your tracking ID.  We may had additional options as configuration requirements come up for different users.

Site Meta
location: /_internal/content

The Site Meta block is loaded in the <head> element of every page.  This is a place where you can load alternative CSS, JS, etc. that you want to load on your website.