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Create a Content Block

A Content Block is a snippet of content or HTML that can be used in various place throughout your website.  The most common use is to create a piece of content that is used on multiple page.  The benefit of the Content Block is that it allows you to edit the block itself and have the changes reflected everywhere that Content Block is used.

  1. In the Asset Tree on the left click on the folder name where you wish to create the page.
  2. Click the "New" menu in the blue toolbar at the top of the page.
  3. Select "Content Block" from the dropdown menu.
    Click Content Block in the Menu
  4. Fill in the Inline Metadata and Information for the page
    Content Block Screenshot
  5. Click Submit to finish
  6. Cascade will run check for spelling errors, accessibility issues, and broken links and present them if found.
  7. If you see the message "Asset created successfully" you should see an unformatted preview of your content and it should be highlighted in the asset tree to the left.  Content blocks are placed in the /_internal/content folder by default.
    Asset Created Successfully message