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Publishing Your Website Content

What you publish can often depend on what changes or updates you have made to your website. If you are only updating the content of a single page you can usually just publish that page to get your updates online. If you are editing the content of several pages in a single folder you can likely make the necessary changes and then publish just that folder.

There are a few situations where you will want to republish your entire website:

  • Any time you add or delete a page that appears in navigation.
  • Any time you move an asset that is either in the navigation or linked from another page.  This could be an image, a pdf, or another page itself.
  • If you change the Display name of a page or folder.  Because Display Names are used in your navigation you will want to republish the entire site.

To publish your content:

  1. Select the asset or folder you wish to publish in the asset tree.
  2. Click the Publish tab on the right
    Click publish tab
  3. Click Submit - Generally, you won’t change any of the settings on the publish screen.
  4. You should get a “Publish message sent successfully message in the green box at the top.  This doesn’t mean you page is live yet, but that it has been added to the publish queue.  We will look at the publish queue in a moment.
    Publish sent succesfully

Publish queue

Generally publishing a single page is very quick and you will likely see your changes on line within a minute or so.

Publishing a folder or an entire site may take more time.  You can monitor the status of your publishing process by going to the publish queue.

  1. Click the little swirly icon in the top left corner of the screen
  2. select Publisher from the drop-down
  3. Click Active Jobs from the Publisher Sub menu
    Select Active Jobs from the publisher sub menu
  4. This will show you the progress of your publish job and help you identify when it is done.  If the publish job is small it may complete before you get to the screen so if you don’t see anything it may mean the process has completed.
    Publish Queue

Checking your messages

After you publish it is a good idea to check your messages for any issues related to your publishing.  Click Home and select the “Messages” tab from the right section of the window.  This will give you a list of all your messages. The most recent one should be at the top.  Ideally, you want to see messages that say 0 issues.  If you see any issues you may have encountered a problem with the publish job and you will want to investigate or contact Web Communications Services for support.  Issues you see may be related to broken links, an account being over quota, or a password issue logging into the web server where you site is hosted.

It is also a best practice to delete your messages after  publishing and reviewing them so that you inbox does not get overwhelming.  You can do this by simply clicking the delete tab when viewing a message and confirming the deletion on the next page.