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Moving and Renaming Assets

Moving and renaming assets in Cascade allows you to reorganize how your site is structured and where different sections or pieces of content are stored.  Cascade reference all internal links to any asset by an internal ID.  When you move items around the ID moves with them so that Cascade can keep all reference to the correct asset in place.  This means if you link to a PDF using an internal link and later move the PDF, Cascade will still link to it correctly.

  1. In the Asset Tree click on the item you want to move or rename.  (This can be a page, folder, file, etc.).
  2. Click the "Move/Rename" tab in the toolbar inside the right window pane.
    Click Move/Rename Tab
  3. Change the "System Name" and/or "Parent Folder" to the new name or location.
    Change System Name and/or Parent Folder
    (System Name should always be lowercase, no spaces, and no special characters.  You can use dashes instead of spaces for better SEO.)
  4. Ensure that the "Unpublish Content" check box is checked.  This will prevent orphaned files on your website.
  5. Click Submit to finish
  6. If you see the message "Move and Rename successful" your asset should now have a new name/location.
    Move and Rename successful